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I apologize.... I just was triying to write a small good dercription
the water fall are very pretty place.. but there is a dry season when doen´t rain in  my land ....the water come from inside the earth and is very cold, but if doesn´t rain..there is no water  ..... it is not so far from the city and it is very nice place inside the wood .... people go there and is very cheap , less than one dollar for cuban people... but for tourist it cost $10 🙁
you can spend whole day there and lunch ...they cook lunch ...
Also you can ride a horse... I never tried before lol 🙂
we don´t have dangerous animal here ... maybe you can find in the forest  some insects ...I don´t like big insect lol ... and lot of birds .... this place is located it in a protected area .... many tourist come here just for see birds ...
Цитата: Olga от 02.03.2018, 23:21

@felix, Don't use bold font for the entire message. It is used to highlight a thought

Your pictures are beautiful and stories are very interesting! Please, tell more about waterfall! But don't use the internet information, please. You are a resident of the country, your review is much more valuable to me! 🙂 🙂 🙂 What season is better for visiting this place? Is it far from cities? Is it free for visiting? Are there any dangerous animals or insects? Are there a lot of people?

So, if I go there once, I'd like to have "a real picture" into my mind. I think, everybody will agree with me 😉


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So great place! Beautiful caves and landscapes! Thank you for sharing them!))

About horses...is there a stable or a farm?

By the way, all your pics have a sunny weather. Does it seldom rain?

How much time does it take to get this place? From the city, for example? And what kind of transport? Are tickets cheap or expensive?

@felix, awesome pictures!! But who painted the mountains? And how?!

@Inga  It was painted by a cuban artist  and it took 5 years for finish it ...but I dont know how he did it.. ..... it is a very far away from my city



@felix, very interesting, thank you!

this was the most beautiful beach in the world long time ago

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