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There will be stories and photos from Cuba

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Twelve kilometers northwest of Trinidad, we can find the Manaca-Iznaga Tower continues to watch over the Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills) as it did over 202 years, although its purpose today has nothing to do with its origin. According to experts, the bell on top of the tower was used to call the slaves to work and rest, and to announce prayers to the Holy Virgin in the morning, midday and afternoon. It was also used to send a warning in case of fire and runaway slaves. The watchtower was an excellent place to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the valley.

The tower is divided into seven levels of different geometrical shapes that go from squares to octagons, has spacious arches and a 184-step internal staircase from the base to the top. It is built with mud bricks and a traditional mortar of lime and sand. From its top, the visitor can take in the entire valley, which was declared a UNESCO Cultural Heritage

This Tower was built in 1816 and escaped unharmed from storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earth tremors and the relentless passage of  two centuries

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Hello, Felix! I'm glad to see you here! 🙂 Very beautiful photos! Do you live somewhere near this place?

@felix, very interesting! I'd like to know more about your country!

@Inga I am glad you like my country 🙂 ..sure!! I can show you more about it.  I know lot of beautiful places here 🙂

I want to share more picture here in this wonderful website 🙂

Yes I live near , around 58km ..45-50min in my motorbike 🙂
Цитата: Olga от 24.02.2018, 08:37

Hello, Felix! I'm glad to see you here! 🙂 Very beautiful photos! Do you live somewhere near this place?


Цитата: felix от 24.02.2018, 18:40
Yes I live near , around 58km ..45-50min in my motorbike 🙂
What city do you live? Is it a touristical place?
By the way, what season is the best for visiting your country?

Маленькое объявление читателям этого раздела. Конечно, основной язык сайта и форума - русский. Но английский язык настолько важен для путешественников, что этой теме я выделила собственную рубрику http://ovedma.ru/category/englishfortravellings/.

Мне кажется, "живая" практика английского языка в разговоре и возможность узнать об особенностях той или иной страны непосредственно от её жителя - отличная возможность. Если кому-то некомфортно общение на английском языке, а вопросы задать хотелось бы - можно писать по-русски, я переведу. Чтобы пригласить меня в беседу, необходимо нажать значок @, а затем написать ник.


@felix, here I say, I can translate, if it is necessary and somebody has any questions 🙂

Hello, Felix! I'll try asking in English, sorry if I make mistakes 😉

In every country thing the most difficult for me is food, I'm afraid of very spicy, very unusual... What is in Cuba about it? Any special characteristics of food?

@Vita  It ok, my english is not perfect neither , ..

Cuban food it is not spicy at all, …basically  rice , beans , banana , pork meat..something called ¨Yuca¨it is a root very tasty  , corn ..

It is common fry things like bananas lol…

 There is a traditional dishes called ¨Rice with Moros¨ it is rice and beans ..very tasty..I am sure you will love Cuban cuisine J